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Drilling straight and accurate holes freehand isn’t easy and if you want real accuracy then people turn to a pillar drill. But not everyone has the room for a floor standing or even a bench mounted model. To overcome this problem the new and improved UJK Drill Guide with 10mm chuck has been designed to be an accurate, portable pillar drill. Read our informative guide to discover the key features that will help you drill the perfect hole.

What is a drill guide used for?

In a nutshell, a drill guide provides extra stability and accuracy when you need to drill straight or at an angle. The beauty of the system is you can take your cordless drill and convert it to the near perfect accuracy of a pillar drill. Also, if you need to drill in the middle of large sheet material then a drill guide offers a solution that just isn’t possible with a pillar drill.

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What is the best drill guide?

There are many drill guides at different price points, the level of accuracy and how regularly you’re likely to use it will help determine which one you need. If you’re only likely to use one infrequently, the Axminster Drill Guide is a good option that offers greater consistency than drilling by eye, all at an affordable price. However, if you’re looking for great accuracy over the longer term, the new UJK Drill Guide with 10mm chuck is the perfect solution. Read on to learn more about the main features and benefits of the drill guide.

Main features and benefits

Firstly, the latest model is solidly built with a cast aluminium base, machined side assembly and steel guide-rods.
Secondly, the design allows you to accurately tilt to the required angle on both sides of the base + or – 60 degrees and securely lock in place. You can then confidently drill holes at set angles, using the site lines to align the drill.

Next, the 1/4″ hex drive shaft, with a 3-jaw, 10mm geared chuck is compatible with both standard and Festool Centrotec chucks. This allows you to be more flexible in how you work.

Furthermore, the large opening in the base provides clear visibility of the work surface. It enables the use of bits up to 60mm in diameter.

Clear visibility of the work surface

Drilling round stock can often be a problem. Vee shaped grooves in the base help prevent movement. This makes it ideal for chair legs and pipes.

Vee shaped grooves in the base help prevent movement

Rubber pads underneath the base stick to the surface and reduce movement while you drill. The base also has four countersunk holes so it can be fixed in position for even greater stability.


Need to drill a mortice lock? Two pins are supplied in the jig which can be positioned in the base to automatically centre the guide on either side of the door.


Next, two adjustable depth stop collars are supplied. Oil filled bronze bearings guide the assembly in over the steel bars. These prevent any slight play that may occur between the assembly and guide bars.
UJK Drill Guide

Finally, if you drill pen blanks, an optional centring vice fixes to the base of the drill guide. It is the perfect accessory.

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Discover more…

Did you enjoy this article? If so, pop into any of our Axminster stores to see the UJK Drill Guide in person.  What’s more, we’re delighted to say that the UJK brand is ever growing. Read some of our latest articles including the UJK Dovetail Jig which is ideal if you need to cut through dovetails, half blind dovetails, or precise comb or finger joints.

Furthermore, in conjunction with inventor Peter Parfitt, Axminster are delighted to offer a wide range of UJK ‘Parf’ woodworking products. Designed to aid and complement your workmanship, the range includes new and innovative tools, tailored to our customers’ needs. Read our All Things Parf article and watch a helpful video where Peter Parfitt and Tim Styles from our Product Development team, run through a selection products.

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  1. Saw this in the new catalogue today and it does look a very nice piece of kit. Sadly my “shop” ( its a shed really) 6ft by 5ft wall to wall but have lathe, band saw, grinder with sharpening jig, tool rack a work surface, wood storage, and dust extraction ( well an old hoover but it works well) and me… its kind of cramped so no room for a pillar drill. This could well be a viable alternative.

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