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The Tormek Scholarship Award (UK) is presented each year, since 2013, to a final year student attending a furniture/cabinet design and make woodworking course. Last year Dan Wall from Worcester received the award and in 2017 it went to Olly Christian from Bristol. In addition to the accolade of the award, the winner receives a Tormek Wet Sharpening System. Previous winners admit this has proved to be invaluable, encouraging them to aspire to higher professional qualifications and invest time in their woodwork.

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How to enter

Simply submit images of your piece of work together with your reasons for wanting to own a Tormek machine. You must be the maker of the piece and have used a Tormek during the making process. Tormek will publish the results on their website and include a short interview with the winner.

Closing date

The final date for applications is 23 June 2019. You will find more information and the application form on the Tormek website.

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