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Now that 2017 is winding down, it’s time for reflection. New technology and innovative concepts mean that there are some clever tools to help you in your work. In the spirit of the festive period, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite top tools and machines of the year so far.

Top tools – a year in review

Tool superstars of the year – a roundup of our favourite top tools of 2017.

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UJK Technology Parf Super Dogs

From zero to hero! Tall dogs, no matter how tight the tolerances in the dog hole, will always have a little movement. But there’s zero tolerance with the Parf Super Dogs! These useful accessories are the NEW leaders of the pack when it comes to making accurate, repeatable cuts with your track saw.

Worth every penny! A lifetime tool.

Jeff Fischer (Axminster customer)

Axminster Trade Saw Horses

New for 2017 this pair of all-steel, folding trade saw horses are champions in terms of durability and practicality. Enabling you to create a strong and stable work table anywhere on site, the pair can support a weight of 1,180kg combined. What’s more, added protection against corrosion means the saw horses will last longer in harsh working environments.

Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC FlexiClick Drill Driver Set 12V (2.0Ah)

Whether you are a DIY-er or tradesman, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better one stop drill than this little gem. With four different chuck ‘transformations’ this 12V FlexiClick drill driver set allows you to change the Hex driver into multiple drills without compromising on functionality. Taking the meaning of flexibility to a whole new level by providing the perfect dose of versatility and power you need to get the job done, this Bosch drill driver is a guilt free purchase anytime of the year. Learn more about Bosch FlexiClick: Five Drills in One by reading our guide.

Brilliant drill driver. I highly recommend it to kitchen fitters and cabinetmakers.

Adam (Axminster customer)

UJK Technology OTORO Compact Palm Router Table

Everyone’s a winner with this small yet mighty router table. Designed to be used with selected palm routers including Bosch GKF600, Makita RT0700CX2 or DeWALT D26204K, this table is perfect for model makers and craftsperson wishing to make smaller sized, precision components. For complete flexibility, three operations are possible: preparing an edge, planing the board to width and moulding. Watch our video to learn more about this clever compact palm router table.

Powermatic 3520B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe

Aim for the top and get gold. If you’re looking to take your work to the highest level, you’re going to need the very best machinery. We’re talking about exceptional build quality since 1928, outstanding performance and the ability to go on and on forever. This heavy duty woodturning lathe is packed with innovation to allow your creativity to expand endlessly. Read our guide on Why We Think Powermatic Really Is ‘The Gold Standard’.

This machine is truly excellent – it does everything I require of it, with extra capacity to spare. A joy to use.

Percy (Axminster customer)

Axminster Trade Series ATDP16B Bench Pillar Drill

This powerful machine is a true tower of strength. Perfect for any trade or school workshop, it enables you to increase the accuracy, speed and power of drilling. What’s more, the all cast iron construction means there’s added stability for even the toughest of tasks.

UJK Technology Digital Height Gauge

Making its mark in 2017, this indispensable measuring tool has been designed specifically for woodworkers to set saw blades and router bit heights. Its heavy duty cast iron body has machined feet allowing the unit to self-stand and a large easy to view LCD display reads in inches, or millimetres, for ease of use.

Axminster 1500 Workbench

Building upon innovation and high standards, this kiln-dried beech workbench ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality. Its resistance to gouging and chipping makes it ideal for professionals and home workshops alike. It also features two double rows of bench dog holes, one from each vice for versatility and comes complete with a set of four bench dogs.

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A roundup of the year’s top tools

So, there you have it; our roundup of the year’s top tools. Personal preference is a huge deciding factor in terms of what you deem the best so why not get in touch and tell us your thoughts? What are your top tools of 2017? What new tools couldn’t you live without?

Either comment below, or get in touch via one of our social media platforms. Find us on Facebook or send us a tweet using #toptools to @AxminsterTools.

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