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In the spirit of Valentines, we asked our Store Managers what ‘Tools they Love’…

Craig Townsley

High Wycombe Store Manager
The GKF600 is a great little router. Very versatile and ergonomically designed. With single handed operation it allows for good visibility when making a pass and with additional bases it has meant I have been able to use it for a number of different projects around my house.


David Johns

Axminster Sittingbourne Store Manager
I’ve owned this Japanese Folding Pocket Saw for over 3 years and every summer I use it for pruning the garden. I have cut down over 50 branches from 20mm up to 100mm thick and the blade still has a hard edge. I would be lost without it!


John Flavell

Axminster Nuneaton Store Manager
After using the Festool TS55R EBQ plunge saw it completely changed my way of thinking; you can make cuts within a matter of seconds! It cuts clean, precise and is very accurate.


Phil Lewis

Axminster Warrington Store Manager
The Festool Rotex RO 150 FEQ-Plus Sander is a powerful variable speed controlled sander which will give the perfect finish to any task it undertakes. You are always in control of the work you are completing and with Festool SERVICE all-inclusive it gives me great peace of mind.


Simon Jones

Basingstoke Store Manager
My favourite tool is a tough one as I love the little Bosch GSB10.8-2-LI driver and I could not live without the hex drive bits. Although I can now, as it appears my wife threw them away in error and I only have 1 bit left!


Craig Steele

Axminster Store Manager
The Axminster Trade Series SBW3501B Bandsaw is simply a pleasure to use! It’s quiet, accurate and very safe. The machine is simple to set-up and operate which makes it by far the best small bandsaw I have ever used.


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