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I get down to AxHQ a couple of times a month and for the last few sessions, I’ve been filming some ‘Top Tips’ in the studio, which will (when finished and edited) be released on YouTube as a playlist.

Tuesday was no exception and amidst all the chunter and banter (and there’s always a lot of chuntering and bantering going on), I was in the process of doing a piece on clamps – what precisely we were doing, you’ll have to wait and see on t’interweb! Suffice to say that during the course of filming the piece, I was becoming more and more unable to say the right words… to ‘clamp’ or to ‘cramp’?

Axminster is now a bona fide ‘clamping’ outfit and in theory, all publications, both written and on the internet, ought to be singing from the official clamping hymn sheet. Except me, because I’ve been a ‘cramper’ for over 40 years and the problem I encountered yesterday was the abject refusal of the thing that passes for my brain to transmit to my tongue the instruction to say ‘clamp’. No matter how hard the effort, try as I might, ’tweren’t going to happen!

Take one, take two… it seemed to go on interminably until we all were so exasperated and after much chuntering we all ended up by agreeing “Oh, what the ******. Rob, go with what you’re used to.”

Which is what I did, so when you see the particular clip, you’ll notice that I say ‘cramp’ instead of ‘clamp’ (unless the odd ‘clamp’ word slips in under the radar).

The burning and $64K question is this – are you a ‘cramper’ or ‘clamper’?

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