Unless you’re in the fortunate position of being a Lotto winner, have inherited a fortune from a crotchety old relative or obtained some spare cash by another slightly more dubious method, at some point as a homeowner you’re going to have to think about decorating.

Hamilton Perfection Pure Bristle Paint Brush Set
Hamilton Perfection Pure Bristle Paint Brush Set

On a personal level, it’s something I detest with a passion. My better half generally makes a suggestion that it’s about time “we (that’s the Royal we) did something about this room” followed by a slightly more prolonged discussion some time later and after further protestations on my behalf about paint and other tiresome consumables, work gets under way shortly after. To be fair, once the decorating is started it’s not too onerous. Starting is the hard bit.

No need to grin if you’re familiar with the situation, but I suspect it’s a pretty common trait amongst many homeowners.

Over the years and in common with many others I’ve developed my own system of decorating which not only saves time but which also produces a respectable job. Ever keen on a simple life, I gave up hanging paper decades ago and now just apply silk emulsion on the walls with white gloss paint on all the woodwork.


Having established a modus operandi for the decorating scheme, I usually then check the state of the equipment, kept in a large plastic storage crate; the most important of which are my paint brushes.

When anyone first starts to decorate, the commonly held misconception is that a paint brush is just a paint brush, but in reality, nothing is further from the truth. A poor quality paint brush is one of the most infuriating pieces of equipment ever devised by the wit of man. The bristles invariably start to fall out one by one, which then have to be picked off the wet paintwork and disposed of, the result is that your fingertips then become covered in paint. Then the bristles always seem to spread out making it almost impossible to produce even a half decent straight line. Any attempt at painting one looks more like an inebriated spider has crawled all over the work! Eventually the whole head assembly may become so loose and wobbly that it’s only fit for the bin, which is where they usually end up.


Cheap and nasty brushes are fine though, where there’s a need for a ‘one off’ application, (such as applying roofing felt tar) after which they can be thrown away.

Contrast a poor quality brush with something a little better, such as a Hamilton Perfection Pure Bristle range. I first came across these over 20 years ago and although expensive, they were a revelation. They do require a little settling in and the odd hair or two might be lost when they’re used for the first time, but after that, the title ‘Perfection’ is apt.

One of these brushes can be loaded with paint and in one fluid move, a straight line can quite easily be achieved. I now have three Hamilton Perfection brushes, ranging from 50 to 75mm and the smallest is my ‘go-to’ brush, as can be seen from the wear on the bristles. Properly cleaned after use, they’ll last for a very, very long time and will continue to provide a trouble and relatively hassle free painting experience.

When I consider that decorating is a necessary evil, a decent paint brush goes a very long way to make the task a little less wearisome.

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