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The Axminster Craft AC250WBS is a great addition for any home workshop. The water cooled sharpening system is user friendly and compact. Plus, it comes with a variety of handy jigs and tools that enable you to achieve a razor sharp edge on many common items in your workshop. Watch Colwin as he talks us through how to set up and use the variety of jigs on this useful sharpening machine by Axminster Craft.

The AC250WBS Sharpening System is supplied with five jigs, enabling you to maintain a variety of tools in your workshop!

Axminster Craft Square Edge Jig

Keep all your chisels and plane irons sharp and ready for action. The simple to set up jig allows you to achieve sharp edges on your tools quickly and easily.

Square Edge Jig

Axminster Craft Axe Jig

Using this jig on a wetstone grinder allows you to have full control of the bevel angle, ensuring you achieve the same angle on each side and over the full length of the edge.

Axe Jig

Axminster Craft Scissor Jig

Supplied as two parts, a support plate and a scissor clamp, you can be sure your sharpening is at the correct bevel angle whilst the scissors are held firmly in place.

Scissor Jig

Axminster Craft Short Knife Jig

Suitable for sharpening most knife blades, large penknives, outdoor camping knives as well as general kitchen knives.

Axminster Craft Long Knife Jig

The extra clamping width of this knife jig suits both longer kitchen and chef’s knives.

Short Knife Jig
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If you need help or advice on Axminster Craft’s AC25WBS Sharpening System for your home workshop, get in touch with one of our Axminster Experts. Simply pop into your local Axminster store and chat with our experienced sales advisors, or call our dedicated Customer Services team for advice. Alternatively, talk to us through our Online Chat function on our main website. As always, you can get in touch and ask questions via any of our social media platforms. We are here to help you!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the Craft Sharpening System. If you want to learn more about sharpening solutions Axminster can offer you why not take a look at these helpful guides and insights here.

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