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Having recently introduced Swan compressors, we felt the need to give you an insight into who Swan really are and what sets their compressors apart from the rest.

Although they have been around for 60 years now and have built a big reputation in many industries around the world, Swan are still relatively unknown to the consumer.


Established in 1956 in Tong Cheng Iron works, Taiwan, Swan are one of the world’s foremost compressed air pump manufacturers. Notably, they make compressors for the TGV high-speed railways in France; which operate all of the carriage operations such as door opening mechanisms. Other sectors that Swan supply include the manufacturing, medical and dental industries.

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How did we come by Swan?

Some of you may ask that, due to their background, why and how did we come by Swan?

It all started on one of our factory trips to the Far East, where we visited one of our main drill bit suppliers. During a tour of the factory to see the complex processes involved, we noticed an obviously well-used compressor. It rather stood out amongst the state-of-the-art CNC machinery used for drill bit manufacture. The factory owner told us it was still used each day and had served them well for almost 30 years. Some details still remained on the name plate, and subsequently a visit was arranged to the Swan compressor works, which is a very impressive factory indeed.

Swan Compressor

A further look at the other compressors that Swan sold, got us very interested. One of the main things that really stood out for us was the build quality of these machines; they looked fantastic, felt extremely robust, and when running, were extremely smooth and vibration free. All-in-all, every model we looked at screamed durability and longevity something that everyone looks for in a compressor.

We decided to take the plunge. All we had to do was to determine which models would best suit our customers.

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The range we wanted to focus on primarily was the oil-free DRS Series; which provides complete ‘clean air’ and requires very little maintenance, something we thought you would all like. Starting from just £290, these models will be great for a wide variety of sectors, from the home hobbyist right up to the vehicle workshop.

This PV model is also oil free with a very high durability motor and pump, high duty cycle (normal compressors are 50%, this model is 70%). Not quite so quiet, but its noise level is certainly moderate compared to other compressors. Plus, the space-saving, upright design with twin grab handles makes this unit easy to move. Suitable for powering an air supply within a machine, factory use with pinners, staplers and other tools, or in a laboratory, college or other applications where a clean, regulated compressed air supply is required.

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We also wanted to cater for our industrial/manufacturing customers out there as well, with larger, long lasting compressors for everyday use. Here we chose one model from the very specialised PV Series; which incorporates a ‘V’ twin cylinder motor and pump unit. These combine a cylinder barrel for smooth running and a well balanced cooling system for efficiency and longer life. The SVP series are much larger compressors intended for use in very large factories and engineering works. Available in either 3 or 5 horsepower, these are air cooled, oil lubricated compressors that will work day in, day out for many years.

Discover more!

If you’ve enjoyed learning about Swan and the compressors they have to offer but are still confused about which is compressor you need. Why not take a look at this helpful Air Compressor guide; where we go through the many important features of a compressor as well as the things you need to consider when buying one.

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Need help?

If you need help or advice on any of Swan Compressors, get in touch with one of our Axminster Experts. Simply pop into your local Axminster store and chat with our experienced sales advisors, or call our dedicated Customer Services team for advice. Alternatively, talk to us through our Online Chat function on our main website. As always, you can get in touch and ask questions via any of our social media platforms.

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