Powermatic LathePowermatic; The ‘Gold Standard’ in woodworking machinery.

Powermatic has long been regarded as ‘The Gold Standard’ in woodworking machinery. This is not only because of the gold colour of their products, but also the exceptionally high standards that each machine sets.

With a long and distinguished history in the industry and the extremely good reputation it has earned, it’s been a long term ambition of us here at Axminster to introduce their machines to the UK market.

You may notice similarities between Powermatic and the Jet machinery that we also offer. The two brands are sister companies, with the success of Jet as a brand in the UK being a springboard to bringing Powermatic here.

We’re keen admirers of Jet for their continued innovation and high quality machinery so we can’t wait for Powermatic to take this to the next level. But, enough about their history, now that they’re here, let’s see if we think these machines live up to their reputation.

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First impressions

The build quality of the machines is fantastic! They are all made from cast iron and welded steel, giving them that ‘everlasting feel’. It also means all the machines are very heavy, which, let’s be honest is something that every woodworker loves. For example, the PM 31A belt and disc sander weighs 124kg! That’s twice as heavy as Axminsters own BDS-612, impressive!

Powermatic Sander

No stone has been left unturned with Powermatic. The attention to detail is very, very good. Chromed handwheels and handles continue the long lasting image. Whilst also looking great, you just know they will never break. Even if you don’t like the gold colour, you can’t help but admire the immaculate paintwork. You’re paying premium for these machines and that’s exactly what you are getting; where competitors may cut corners, you can be guaranteed that Powermatic will not.

Continued innovation

Innovation is something that we are very passionate about and the same can be said for Powermatic. The Accu-Fence on the PM1500 bandsaw is a T-square design maximising accuracy and safety. Feed Logic on the PM 2244 drum sander prevents overloading the machine while enhancing the finish.


Let’s cut to the chase. The large capacities on all the machines, coupled with the high power motors suggest they should perform very well, and they do. Ripping 10” of oak on the PM1500 was done with ease and the accuracy of the cut also scored very highly. The 3520B lathe is in use daily in our Axminster Skill Centre and has coped with everything we have thrown at it. We’re sure this will be a continuing theme across the range.

Do the machines live up to their billing?

The answer is undoubtedly yes! Innovation is something we take very seriously here at Axminster, and these Powermatic machines do not disappoint.

Once you get over the gold colouring, which may or may not appeal to you, you can’t help but appreciate the immense build quality and beauty of them. This alone would make us impressed. Factor in the features, the performance and the five year warranty and this equates to something quite special.

The Gold Standard in Woodworking? We would have to agree…

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