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Here at Axminster, we have been proudly developing and manufacturing tools since 1981. Our passion is to develop new, innovative and tools of the highest quality. Alongside ensuring high standards, developing in-house empowers us to listen to our customers and provide effective innovation and product development. Giving us the capability to adapt, modify and improve new or current products and create tools tailored to our customers. With the recent launch of the unique, ingenious Parf Super Dogs we thought we would take a look at how our first dog came to life.

The Story Of The Super Dog

How it started… Identifying a need

The need of the Parf Super Dog was first expressed with an aspiration to develop a tool that would complement our UJK Parf Guide System. The original concept of the product was to attain maximum squareness of a tall dog that did not necessitate the use of a securing knob under the worktop. After a consultation with Peter Parfitt we set out to design and develop the dog.

Designing the Super Dog

Our in-house product development team begin work on the Super Dog design. Starting with drawings and sketches, they then create a 2D CAD (computer-aided design). Finally, using industrial technology, the 3D printer creates a Parf Super Dog prototype. With the prototype, the team can sit down with a real version of the product and evaluate which features are worth keeping and which ones need to be revised.

Producing the pack 

Once the product has been evaluated, the correct prototype and designs are passed to our in-house innovation and manufacturing team. Using the latest CNC machinery and 303 stainless steel, we produce our first pack of dogs!

Marketing the product

With our in-house marketing team, we commence work on brand development. Within the brand development, there were a couple of aspects to consider. Firstly, we had to decide what branding to use on the product itself. Although the Super Dog was originally considered to be part of the Parf Guide System, it also falls under our UJK Technology brand. As it was such a unique product, capable of standing alone, we decided to brand it UJK. Next, we had to anticipate whether the product would evolve or if we could develop more like it for the range. Hence, the Parf Super Long Dog and Parf Long Super Dog Locking Shaft!

With the branding complete, we commence work on our photography, videography and product content for the website. We also house a retail department who create planograms to establish how the product will be presented in our stores. Content is then produced for email, social media and Knowledge articles and cleverly designed by our in-house digital designers.

At Axminster, no matter what product we sell we are passionate about it being of the highest quality and what our customers want. Developing in-house not only helps us to facilitate this it also gives us new and exciting grounds to create innovative tools that keep us ahead of our competitors.

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