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A metal cutting bandsaw is a valuable part in an engineering workshop as well as a range of other sectors. This has been shown in the steady increase of sales in our range, especially those that will be used for continuous work. So, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve made the decision to add two new saws to it. Let’s take a look at the saws and some of their key features…

Variable Speed Motor Drive

Both models are variable speed but have differing ways of getting them. The smaller UV-180DS has a direct drive variable speed system whereas the large WV-275DS possesses an inverter drive. Not only will this give you great flexibility on material choice but also enables correct cutting speeds for each one, prolonging blade life. On both models, variable speed is controlled easily through simple control panel.


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Swivelling Bow (Dual Mitre Cutting)

With the ability to swivel through 0° – 45° L and 0° – 60° R, it’s very easy to complete accurate mitre cuts on these machines. The head swivels with ease and the scale and locking clamp ensure that you can get the cut at just the right angle. This dual mitre cutting feature enables a multitude of cuts to be performed and is especially good on non-symmetrical material.

Swivelling Bow
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Sliding vice

People may wonder why a vice is a key feature on a metal cutting bandsaw. But when you have a dual mitre cutting feature, a sliding vice is of vital importance. This will ensure the workpiece is held down firmly, no matter what the angle of the cut.

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Let’s get technical

Model UV-180DS WV-275DS
Max capacity (45°) 140mm diameter
140 x 150mm
150mm diameter
145 x 145mm
Max capacity (60°) 100mm diameter
90 x 100mm
90mm diameter
85 x 85mm
Max capacity (rectangular) 165 x 230mm 260 x 110mm
Max capacity (round) 180mm 227mm
Motor size 0.75KW (1HP) 1.1KW (1.5HP)
Blade speeds Variable 35-85m/min Variable 20-85m/min
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With these key features plus many more, we’re sure that these saws will prove a big hit. Ruggedly built of cast iron, they will be able to withstand the rigors of the busy fabrication or general engineering workshop with ease. If you’re in the market for something of this calibre, you should look no further.

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