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Beginner TimeTime needed to complete the project 1 hours

If you want to get creative with your little ones, why not try out this simple woodworking project for young children? The first project in our Beat the Boredom series, this super fun project will provide budding crafters with creative inspiration and a chance to learn new hand tool skills. What’s more, you’ll use tools and materials that can be found at home.

What you'll need


  • Small piece of wooden plank
  • Nails

Let’s get started…

This is a great little project for a complete beginner – safe and easy to do. But, as with any project involving tools, there must be a supervising adult around at all times. Here we used an off-cut piece of timber from our Skill Centre Routing course, but any flat piece of wood will do!

Firstly, draw a word or pattern in pencil as a guide. We’re making a sign for a garden den, but you could write a name, draw a rainbow, star, animal, whatever you like – as long as it’s a simple design!

Top Tip!

Keep your letters large with a good finger space between them.

Next, start hammering in the nails with a hammer! This is the fun part but please watch your fingers.

Depending on your design, the nails on their own are effective enough. However, you can also brighten up your design using coloured string to wrap around the nails.

These projects can be as simple or complex as your imagination allows. Once you’ve nailed the first one, why not make the second design more challenging and test your skills?

Completing the Den sign

Discover more…

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, keep an eye out for our next woodworking project for kids as part of our Beat the Boredom series. Watch this space for more details!

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