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Mirka is introducing a new orbital sander with a 81 x 133mm pad and a 3mm orbit. Packed with features which are set it make it a mainstay of Mirka’s electric sander family, here we get below the surface of the new Mirka DEOS.

How does the Mirka DEOS handle?

Mirka is well known for producing sanders that are efficient and easier to manoeuvre. Mirka’s DEROS is testament to this and continues to be one of the lightest machines on the market today. Weighing just 1kg and only 10cm high the Mirka DEOS continues this tradition of ergonomic tools that are easy to handle. If your work frequently requires reaching overhead or low down then the sander’s low weight and balance makes jobs like these so much easier.

Better for being brushless

The sander houses a brushless motor making it less prone to wear. When you’re sanding for continuous periods there’s more strain on the components and this is when brushless motors start to pay for themselves. Fewer parts in contact with each other also means it’s more efficient as there’s less friction. The Mirka DEOS is able to generate 250W of power equivalent to 360W from a traditional motor. Nobody likes to be hanging around particularly when doing something as repetitive as sanding. What the brushless motor ultimately means is that you can finish jobs faster.

Mirka DEOS - efficient and easier to manoeuvre into tricky spaces

Why bluetooth is better for you

One of the key features of the Mirka DEOS is the bluetooth option which helps you monitor your exposure to vibration. Excessive vibrations can cause damage to the nerves, muscles and joints leading to vibration white finger syndrome. We all know it’s important to evaluate how long we’re using power tools for but it’s often difficult to judge how long is too long. Mirka makes it easy with the development of its app, myMirka. The app is free to download and vibration levels show through an indicator on your screen. Looking at the dial there’s a colour scale highlighting when vibrations reach a warning point. The app also has a speed indicator showing the machine’s running speed and provides tips and advice on how to lower the vibrations.

Guidance without the gimmicks

In addition to the standard vibration indicator, Mirka provides an in-app purchase which monitors a user’s daily vibration exposure. Unfortunately some features on tools verge on being gimmicks rather than of real value. In this instance however the app is a useful addition in helping to regulate your own safety. An easy to read dial signals when the operator reaches 2.5 m/s2 of the maximum daily vibration level.

Mirka DEOS - Vibration exposure indicator

To highlight the warning the dial turns to yellow making it clear when maximum exposure has been reached. In addition, the app also plots the vibration exposure over the last 30 days. You then have a clear indication of when you’ve been in the safe zone or there’s a risk of over exposure. If you’re in charge of a workforce or the safety of others then this feature could also be essential when thinking about compliance and your duty of care.

Dust free sanding

Mirka is synonymous with the term dust free sanding and the introduction of their Abranet abrasive was revolutionary to sanding. The Mirka DEOS in the kit form comes with four packs of Abranet abrasive which when connected to an extractor, uses the open mesh system to draw dust through the abrasive. In terms of results what you get is sanding without the dust, a clearer line of sight and importantly a better finish with less time correcting areas.

Dust free sanding, allowing clear line of sight

Do I need a DEOS?

Vibration monitoring, excellent handling and virtually no dust, the DEOS certainly has features that start to add up. Working for long periods, the low weight and comfort in your hand also make a significant difference. Sanding with the DEOS is like the first time you start to use Abranet abrasive. There’s a sense of justification for the extra expense over standard abrasives. Less clogging of the paper, sections don’t need to be redone and the realisation about the time saved. It’s all these points that make it cost effective. Dust free sanding and vibration monitoring also have the obvious and vital health benefits. They say you can’t put a price on your health but what monetary value do you place on not inhaling dust and lowering your vibration exposure? Something to think about when choosing your next sander.

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