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A one-tenth scale model of the Mayflower will soon be ready for commemorative events in Dartmouth this summer.

Builders of a one-tenth scale model of the Mayflower are on schedule to complete the project in time for the start of commemorative events to be held in Dartmouth this summer.

With work on the superstructures above deck progressing steadily, the last major element will be making and fitting the rigging.

Support for the project aims to raise awareness of the Axminster brand among regional and national boat building and model making communities. And also highlight the application of centuries-old woodworking and carpentry skills.

Lead builder, Ian Kirkwood, is excited about the prospect of seeing the completed model revealed to the public in June.

It’s been a painstakingly detailed project which to date represents over 5,000 hours of volunteer work. I’m delighted to say that over the past two months we have had the support of an additional four volunteers, effectively tripling our team and we will have their support right through to completion.

Invaluable support

Ian said that the support of Axminster Tools & Machinery, and their supply partners, since the start of the project in April 2018, had been invaluable.

“The Axminster Trade specification table saw, bandsaw and extraction system helped us make steady progress right from the outset. A generous donation of tools from Lie-Nielsen, has put challenging handbuilt components within our reach. And Tormek systems have helped keep chisels and planes sharp and accurate.”

Mayflower Gun Deck
A view of the gun deck shows some of the construction detail

Particularly helpful constructing the detailed components, are several Proxxon machines provided to the project.

The Proxxon products have been outstanding and model makers everywhere should keep them in mind. We’ve used the planer thicknesser, the table saw, scroll saw and mini chop saw to great effect to speed up many repetitive stages of the build. They’ve helped ensure a level of repeatable accuracy which would otherwise have been difficult to achieve.

Ian Kirkwood

On display

The completed model will be a feature display of the Dartmouth Museum’s new Mayflower exhibition. The town will welcome thousands of visitors from around the world this summer. Events marking the 400th anniversary of this famous voyage, will generate significant tourism revenues in the UK.

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