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Introducing the unique four-sided planer moulder machines by Logosol. The compact, multi-head machines enable you to plane and mould timber on all four sides in one swift operation! Whether you are a joiner, door maker, boat builder or alike, Logosol design machines to suit a large majority of woodworking projects.

Profitability from day one

All over the world, Logosol deliver high quality machines that produce outstanding results in one quick operation. Therefore, they understands the importance of designing a machine that is simple to set up and easy to run. When you purchase the four-sided planer moulder by Logosol, you will receive a machine that is supplied ready to run, you just need to attach a chip extractor. From day one you will be able to produce up to 720 linear meters of wood per hour!

In addition to the easy setup, Logosol machines are designed to give you maximum comfort. When you operate the machine, you’re in a comfortable working position where the machined timber comes out at waist level. Furthermore, the settings for the different machined products are logical and simple to understand, making it easy to achieve superb results, straight away!

Finished product in just five easy steps! It’s that simple…

1. The Logosol planer & moulder comes ready to run. Just connect a chip extractor.
2. Mount your chosen moulding knives in the cutter head to produce the moulding you want.
3. Set the final dimensions using the sturdy cranks and levers, and the clear scales.
4. From the control panel, you operate all cutters and the feed unit.
5. Your board has turned into a valuable finished product!

Planks of timber
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Three compact and complete planer moulder machines

All three models are compact and will take up little space in your workshop. In addition, each machine is fitted with planing and moulding mills to enable you to produce superb, finished products in just one operation!

Logosol PH260 PRO & ECO

The PH260 PRO is ideal for the ultimate home workshop or joinery and construction trade. Making your own mouldings saves time and money, and can be a profitable method of wood processing for many. Although the PH260 is the smallest model, you can plane widths up to 410mm and have everything you need to kickstart your production.

The PH260 ECO is a unique four-sided planer moulder and although lower in price is still adequate for most building projects. You can plane up to 410mm on the machine making it ideal when planing and moulding for your own consumption.

Included with the PH260 PRO & ECO:

✓ Planing knives in all cutters
✓ Toolkit
✓ Setting block for planing knives
✓ Spacers

Logosol PH260 PRO & ECO Planer Moulders


The optional tables and castors (shown fitted to the PH260 PRO above) allow you to cope easily with long lengths of timber and moving the machine around the workshop

Logosol PH360

Purpose built for professional production in joinery or the construction workshop the PH360 is robust and offers impressive performance and quality. Capable of planing widths up to 510mm, the PH360 will manage production from picture moulding to house timbers.

Included with the PH360:

✓ Planing knives in all cutters
✓ Toolkit
✓ Setting block for planing knives
✓ Spacers
✓ Infeed and outfeed tables

PH360 planer moulder
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Make money on your machine

With an extensive range of knives to choose from you can produce a wide range of profiles for almost any project type! In addition, we also offer unique starter packages by Logosol with carefully selected moulding knives to help kickstart your production.

Profile examples

Get expert advice

We have a team of experts who are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes. Contact us or request a visit here and find out how your business can benefit from a Logosol planer moulder.


Visit our stores

See the PH360 Four Sided Planer/Moulder in either the Axminster, Nuneaton or Cardiff store.

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