Colyton Grammar School and Axminster Tools & Machinery have come together to support talented design and technology students at the school.

David Foden with Year 12 student
David Foden with Year 12 student

Besides being a retail and mail order tools and machinery business, we at Axminster have an engineering workshop where we make woodturning accessories and bandsaw blades. Consequently, engineering team leader David Foden has been working with Colyton students for the past six months. David who runs the innovation and manufacturing department at Axminster said:

I have found working with and supporting the students a very rewarding experience. From my point of view, I feel as though I’m putting something back into engineering. Plus I’m really pleased that two students have requested a work placement under my guidance at the company

David Foden with Year 12 student Jason Wells
David Foden with Year 12 student Jason Wells

Support for students

So far, David’s work with D&T teacher Jonathan Chambers has involved appraising students’ work for exams, and discussing projects and best practice. Students are extremely grateful for this ongoing support as they progress through their A-level. Thus, they will continue to receive mentoring and professional guidance from the business as David, Jonathan and the students have discussed plans for the year ahead. Year 12 student, Jason Wells, explains the benefits of this partnership:

D&T is more than just designing and building products; Axminster have been helping us improve communication and creative skills beyond what the A-level course offers

Colyton Grammar School is establishing a network of corporate supporters to enhance the experiences that students receive at the school. If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please go to the Colyton for Life website.

Long history

Founded in 1546, Colyton Grammar School has enjoyed a long and distinguished history. Today, it is a co-educational grammar school located in the village of Colyford, East Devon teaching students from years 7 to 13. The school has a tradition of high academic expectation, nurtured by a culture which values achievement in all activities. It fully supports the development of each student to accomplish success, gain self-confidence and be equipped as independent learners, ready to take their places as responsible 21st century citizens. Ofsted has classified Colyton Grammar School as ‘Outstanding’ in three successive reports. For more information about the school, please visit the website.

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