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Woodturning a wonderland this Christmas

Making for Christmas is a great way to make your Christmas a little bit more special. Watch Colwin turn four easy to make wooden Christmas decorations and learn how to turn some treasures of your own! Not only will they make the perfect gifts for loved ones, they will also make a joyous addition to your tree decorations.

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How to make 4 easy Christmas decorations

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  1. Couldnt leave a reply on projects page as it kept asking for my login even though I had already logged in ? Anyway, enjoyed the little video of Christmas decorations, Given me my project for this weekend. Strangely enough it also reminded me I promised myself a bigger better skew… so guess I will be down on Saturday morning lol. Thanks guys ( and girls of course)

  2. I just wish I could make things that fast, though I haven’t got anywhere nead the experience that Colwin has!

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