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Making a coat hook rack for your home, or as a gift, is a great project. You can make them as simple or as complex as you like, here we make one from a piece of yew, with turned pegs.

Before you get started

The type of wood that you choose to make your coat hook rack is entirely up to you. We have used a piece of yew.

What you'll need

Step 1

Run board through a planer to make the faces flat. A hand plane can be used for this.

Planing the wood

Step 2

Use a pencil and a rule to mark out your line of pegs.

Marking the peg line

Step 3

Mark out the spacing between each peg.

Marking the space between pegs
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Step 4

Use an awl to mark for drilling. Or, alternatively, position metal hooks.

Step 5

Sand face to remove pencil marks.

Step 6

Using a power drill, drill bit and a drill guide, drill holes for pegs. We have used a 12mm lip and spur bit, but this will depend on the size of peg you want.

Top Tip!

Set drill guide at the angle you want your pegs to be.

Step 7

Mark and drill two fixing holes. These should be equally spaced either side.

Marking fixing holes
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Step 8

Set the drill guide to 90 degrees and drill to a depth of 10mm. We used an 8mm drill bit.

Drilling fixing holes

Step 9

Using a plate, or something similar, scribe a radius at both ends of the board.

Scribe a radiusv

Step 10

Cut the marked radius using a jigsaw or a bandsaw.

Step 11

Using either a disc sander or a sanding block, sand down radius.

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Step 12

Strip off any bark from the board. Using a wire brass brush clean off any debris.

Step 13

Peg turning. Rough down 25mm yew.

Rough down peg

Step 14

Using some spring calipers, measure the drill bit you used to create the peg holes and turn your tenon to fit.

Measure drill bit with spring callipers

Step 15

Shape your peg.

Shape peg

Step 17

Sand away any excess timber.

Sand peg

Step 18

The pegs should be tight enough to just tap in using a nylon or wooden mallet.

Tapping the pegs in

Step 19

Turn plugs to cover fixing holes.

Step 20

Hang and use coat hook.

How to make a coat hook rack
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