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Watch Colwin as he blends his two passions, fishing and woodturning to create a fishing lure and fishing float. Whether you are a fishing fanatic or not, these two projects will have you hooked and provide you with plenty of opportunities to practice your turning, airbrushing, and finishing techniques.

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How To Make A Fishing Lure 

Here Colwin shows you how to turn, paint, and finish a series of fishing lures or chatterbait, that can be either used or framed as ornaments. Colwin will turn the lure from a piece of lime before priming it with white paint. He’ll use various airbrushing techniques to give scale effects.

How To Make A Fishing Float

Colwin casts his eye over fishing floats; here he turns a few different types both from cork and solid timber. He hand-paints them before using a melamine lacquer from Chestnut to finish.

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