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Making your own deckchair is a great DIY project. Here are instructions for a standard sized adult deckchair using mostly tools you’ll have in the shed.

What you'll need

Wokring Drawing
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Before we start

We bought our timber machined and then ripped it down using a table saw. A good timber yard would do this for you if you supplied the cutting list. Alternatively you could use a jigsaw. If you already have machines in your workshop, why not try our machine version of How To Make A Deckchair.

Step 1

Mark out and then cut each piece to length using a crosscut saw. We used a Japanese Crosscut Saw. Each piece should be 20mm thick.

Step 2

Rip down timber pieces to size with a rip saw. We used a Japanese Rip Saw.

Ripping timber to size

Step 3

Using a hand plane clean up edges and faces of the timber.

Cleaning up the edges

Step 4

Using a crosscut saw and a bench hook trim pieces to length.

Trimming pieces to length

Top Tip!

Using a traditional push saw in conjunction with a bench hook negates the need to clamp the wood as you are always pushing the wood against the bench hook.

Step 5

Mark out holes with marking gauge to accept 20mm dowels as per drawing; use bradawl to mark centre.

Step 6

Using a power drill and a 20mm forstner bit drill all holes to half depth of the timber.

Using a forstner bit

Step 7

Mark out 6mm holes as per drawing.

Mark out 6mm holes

Step 8

First use a 12mm forstner bit and countersink marked holes with a power drill to the depth of the shoulder of bit.

Countersinking marked holes

Step 9

Replace forstner bit with 6mm bit and drill through.

Drilling through with 6mm bit

Step 10

Using a block plane soften edges of all pieces.

Step 11

Take the two medium lengths and mark out reclining slots. Three slots at 110mm, 210mm and 310mm intervals from end.

Mark out reclining slots

Step 12

Using the 20mm forstner bit drill the beginnings of the slots.

Beginning the slots

Step 13

Using a protractor set at 15° and mark out the remaining parts of the slots.

Mark out the remaining parts of the slots

Step 14

Using a fine blade Japanese saw, cut out the rest of the support notches.

Cutting support notches

Step 15

Sand back all rough edges of the slots using a piece of abrasive wrapped around a section of dowel.

Sanding all rough edges

Step 16

Cut all dowel to length with a saw and a bench hook.

Cutting dowels to length

Step 17

Cut dowels at 2 x 450mm, 2 x 490mm and 1 x 525mm. Then finish all parts with an outdoor finishing oil.

Oil parts with finishing oil

Step 18

Dry fit together making sure all parts fit correctly.

Dry fit the frame together

Step 19

Assemble deckchair frame, glue the two frames and clamp together.

Step 20

Using the dowel, stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers, assemble the frames together.

Assemble the frame

Step 21

Lay deckchair frame flat on a workbench and cut fabric to length.

Cut the fabric to length

Step 22

Using upholstery tacks attach fabric to frame.

Finished deckchair
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