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Love dogs, or know someone who does? Why not paws what you’re doing and get creative! With the half term just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to make this fabulous Sausage Dog Crayon Holder with the kids! Simply follow our step by step Beat The Boredom project to create something both functional and cute.

What you'll need

Sausage Dog Crayon Holder

The perfect decor item for a child’s bedroom, or as a gift for pet lovers, this wooden Sausage Dog Crayon Holder is handcrafted from start to finish. Designed for younger children under adult supervision, our latest Beat The Boredom ‘How To’ is a great woodworking project to try!

Part 1 – Mark out

Cut out your template with a pair of scissors. Next, draw around the shape onto your selected piece of timber. The body of the Sausage Dog onto the 20-25mm thick piece, the feet and ears onto the 3mm piece.

Part 2 – Cut out

Set the height of the hold down foot and guarding just above the workpiece. Carefully cut around the outline of the body, but do not forget the mouth detail. Reset the hold down foot for the thinner material. Next, cut the Sausage Dog ears and feet (paws). Here, we left our piece oversized so it was easier to hold when we cut the small components.

Part 3 – Mark up and drill

Measure the thickness of the dog’s body and mark a centre line along the length. Next, add some marks with a 20mm spacing – these will be where you drill the holes for the crayons to sit in. In our example, we used a 10mm lip and spur type drill bit for accuracy. Set the depth on the pillar drill. Finally, swap the 10mm for a 3mm drill bit to drill the eyes.

Part 4 – Sand and glue up

Soften the edges with a piece of abrasive on both the body and the ears and feet. Remove any pencil marks left behind. Apply a spot of glue to the inside face of each ear. Position and clamp the ears to the head. Do the same with the feet; add a small spot of glue on each before you place the body of the Sausage Dog on top. As it is a difficult shape to clamp, we suggest that you use a bottle of glue to weigh it down, as we did.

Part 5 – Pin the feet and finish

After approximately 30 minutes, gently tap a small panel pin through the bottom of each foot into the legs. Your Sausage Dog Crayon Holder project is nearly complete. To finish, add a food safe oil to the timber, but feel free to paint and decorate your project however you like!

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