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It’s time to tackle the to-do lists around the house and garden! For inspiration this season, we’ve made a list of DIY woodworking projects to help you with your summertime sort out.

DIY Woodworking Projects – Ideas to inspire you!

If you are struggling to think of ways to get creative this season, our Summertime Sort Out ideas are here for inspiration. With ideas for both inside the house, and outside in your workshop or garden, our collection of DIY woodworking projects is a great resource for supercharging the season!

Read on to discover more of our favourite indoor and outdoor projects to help inspire you to get involved.

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Outdoor Projects

Now is the perfect time for DIY woodworking projects. If you want to spend a memorable day outdoors with friends and family, or prefer to work solo then this list is for you. Whether you want to build a garden shed to store your garden essentials, make your own greenhouse grow box or personalise your home with a bespoke house sign, we’ve got something for everyone to try. Tick some of your summertime sort out tasks from your list by trying out one of our outdoor DIY woodworking projects.

Build a Garden Shed

Need more storage space for all your essential garden supplies? If the answer is yes, a small garden shed is in order. Learn how to methodically build a functional, small storage shed with our illustrated step-by-step tutorial. Our guide will run you through all the tips and tricks of how to make a small shed in 28 easy to follow steps. If you prefer something a little bigger, simply use the guide to size up for a larger shed. Whatever your storage needs, we have the DIY space saving solution for you. Read our guide on how to build a small garden shed.

However, if a small garden shed isn’t sufficient, we’ve also got some useful guides on how to set up a small workshop as well as how to set up a garage workshop. Finally, for those with the time, budget and space, our useful How To guide focused on working towards achieving the ultimate woodworking workshop is definitely worth a read.

Build a shed

Make a Greenhouse Grow Box

Making wooden greenhouse grow boxes is a great way to get hands on in the garden this season. Not only simple to make but also very useful, this easy DIY woodworking project gives a huge sense of satisfaction when your vegetables begin to grow. Planting vegetables in a greenhouse grow box inside a greenhouse serves to raise the growing bed. This provides better overall drainage and also makes the plants easier to reach. Furthermore, because it is a utilitarian design, a vegetable planter box inside a greenhouse does not need to be fancy but instead, practical. Learn how to make a greenhouse grow box with our informative guide.

Get growing

Create a Bespoke House Sign

A house sign is an important part of a home’s look and character. Stand out from your neighbours and add some character to your home’s exterior with a bespoke house sign. Our helpful step-by-step guide will show you how to create a unique look and achieve a great finish by using your router and just a few other tools. In all, this is a great DIY woodworking project if you love getting creative using various do-it-yourself techniques. Follow our guide on how to make a house sign.

Make your sign

Indoor Projects

If you prefer to focus on projects for the home, we’re here to help. We’ve got another great selection of DIY woodworking projects for you to get hands on and creative. For versatile storage solutions, we’ve got a helpful guide on how to build useful multi-storage units for your home. Not only that, we’ve also got informative guides on how to make a Windsor chair, how to make a coat hook rack and much more!

Build Multi-storage Units

Storage units of any sort are always a welcome addition in the modern home. Rather than stack up boxes or use unsightly plastic trays, why not make your own storage units? Our clever multi-storage units will save space, even in the smallest house. Suitable for various areas of the home, our wooden multi-storage units are fantastic for underbed storage solutions. Hide away anything you want out of sight, be it clothes, toys or anything else you fancy. It’s just a case of rounding up your clutter and letting the summertime sort out begin! Learn how to make make multi-storage units with our simple to follow guide.

Increase your storage

Make a Windsor Chair

In life, there are few things more satisfying than making your own chair. Every stage of the process from the design to the making produces an end result to be relished. For those with experience of woodturning and working with hand tools, making your very own Windsor chair is ideal. Maybe it is something you’ve considered but not yet got around to undertaking? Not for the fainthearted, this four part project will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make a traditional Windsor chair. Follow our illustrated guide on how to make your own Windsor chair.

Make a chair

Of course, if you don’t have the experience or the necessary tools and equipment, why not attend a complete 5 day Windsor chair course, where you take home a chair at the end of the week?  During the five days, you will cover a whole range of woodworking skills at our Axminster Skill Centre in Devon. You will look at wood selection, shaping and turning of the legs and cutting and shaping of the seat. You’ll also learn how to set up and steam bend the bows. From there you will assemble all the components together to construct and complete your Windsor chair.

Make a Coat Hook Rack

Come rain or shine, a well made coat hook rack is a great addition to any home. It serves as the perfect place to hang your jackets, scarves and items out of the way, keeping the house clutter free. For convenience, you can make the coat hook rack as simple or as complex as you like. They also make great gift ideas. Here we make one from a piece of yew, with turned pegs to create a stylish DIY wooden coat hook rack. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to make a coat hook rack.

Design your rack

Summertime Sort Out Roundup

When it comes to DIY woodworking projects, focusing on your individual preferences is key. One of the biggest advantages is that you can choose projects that suit your tastes and skillset. What’s more, when the project is complete, you will feel a sense of achievement and pride in what you’ve created. With lots of DIY woodworking projects to choose from, we hope you’ve found something to inspire you to get creative this season.

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