Join our FREE live webinar hosted by Shaper Tools alongside experts from Axminster Tools & Machinery on Friday 3rd July 2020 at 4PM BST. Shaper Tools is a human-involved robotics company focused on making precision cutting easy and accessible to the woodworking community.

In the webinar, their dedicated team of specialists will be introducing the brand new Origin CNC handheld router and showcasing it in conjunction with Shaper Tools Workstation. Register today for the live webinar where you’ll enjoy a full 90 minutes full of tool action!



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Hosted by Shaper Tools alongside Axminster experts, discover what’s possible with the Origin CNC handheld router in the live and interactive 90 minute webinar.

Shaper Origin CNC Handheld Router

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Friday 3rd July 2020 – 4PM BST

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As an Axminster customer, sign up to the FREE webinar to enjoy:

Live Demo Q&A
Live demonstration – see the Origin CNC handheld router in action! Q&A session with expert advisors from both Shaper Tools and Axminster Tools & Machinery!
Web chat Offer
Live chat function throughout the duration of the webinar – get involved! A special surprise for everyone attending the webinar and purchases the Origin CNC!

Showcasing the Shaper Origin CNC Handheld Router

As the world’s first computer-assisted handheld router, the Shaper Origin is the perfect tool if you need to create complex joinery, tight fitting box joints and much more! With Origin you can save time building templates and get straight to precision cutting. Plus, if you still need a physical template – Origin can build that too! Streamline your workflow today with the new CNC handheld router from Shaper Tools.

How does it work?

Working like a CNC machine where pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of tools, Origin also features precision X, Y and Z axes to offer full auto correction for your hands. Unlike a traditional CNC, Origin has no table or gantry due to the fact it is handheld. This makes it ideal for small workshops where space is premium.

Designed with woodworking professionals in mind, Origin brings CNC-level precision to a router, for an ideal blend of human and machine. Thanks to the highly intelligent CNC router, it’s never been faster and easier to build custom templates, inlay hardware or customise projects for your clients. Simply follow the toolpath on the screen as you cut to create bespoke pieces.


Work accurately and efficiently

Use the incredible CNC handheld router to whip up a prototype in the workshop, making adjustments on the fly or bring it to a job site to work on an installation when there is no margin for error.

It’s also fantastic if you need to design an entire project from start to finish thanks to the intuitive on-tool CAD. The on-tool CAD (Computer Aided Design) features means you can draw basic shapes right on Origin. There’s also the option to transfer more advanced and technical drawings to the router via a USB stick, or wirelessly.

Last but not least, there are extensions. Think of them as apps for your Origin. Extensions are designed to respond to particular user needs and resolve specific pain points in common workflows. For ease of use and flexibility, you can generate text and box joints on the fly without using design software or physical templates, saving you time and effort allround.

For more information on Shaper Tools and their full range of products, visit their website.


If you’re looking to get inspired by the global community, ShaperHub is a great resource. ShaperHub also allows you to share projects with others and find hardware cut-files to upgrade your current project. There’s also a range of helpful videos showing you how to make your first cuts with the Origin CNC router.

Discover the Shaper Workstation

Used in conjunction with the Origin CNC handheld router, the Shaper Workstation allows you to create a precision cutting system for accurate results, everytime.

Quickly align, reliably clamp and get cutting without any errors thanks to this highly versatile addition to your tool arsenal. The Shaper Workstation makes even the most demanding projects approachable and intuitive.

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Head to Shaper Tools’ website for more details.


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Friday 3rd July 2020 – 4PM BST

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Terms and Conditions

The webinar is a collaboration between Shaper Tools and Axminster Tools & Machinery. Axminster Tools & Machinery will receive a commission for orders placed with Shaper Tools direct via their website. The Shaper Origin and Workstation products are not sold by Axminster Tools & Machinery. Please be advised that no personal details, have or will be, shared with Shaper Tools at any stage of the process.

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