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With the extra time off this Easter, why not make this functioning wooden catapult with the kids? Designed with children in mind, fun Beat The Boredom project will not only be engaging, but it’s also a nod to history too as it’s loosely modelled on medieval siege engines.

What you'll need


  • Timber (Example: 18mm thick Poplar)
  • Template
  • Elastic Bands

Easter Egg Catapult

Want to get creative with the kids? Why not give our fun Easter Egg Catapult project a try? Designed for beginners with supervision when drilling.

Part 1 – Organise the template

Print off the template of the catapult. Transfer or stick the template onto your piece of timber. Align the flat base with the edge of the board. In our example, we have used 18mm thick Poplar.

Part 2 – Cut out

Next, cut the individual pieces on your scroll saw.

Part 3 – Clamp and carve

Clamp the arm and bucket piece and carve out the bucket using a Hook Knife. Please note: These come in right and left hand variations.

Part 4 – Set the depth

Set the depth on the pillar drill or drill guide so that the drill bit will cut roughly half way through the project. It worked out at about 9mm in our 18mm board.

Part 5 – Drill holes

Drill holes in the three locations shown on the template on both of the side pieces.

Part 6 – Mark and drill

Mark a centre line with the arm and bucket on edge and drill all the way through.

Part 7 – Sand

Remove template or sand off any remaining transfer marks.

Part 8 – Cut lengths

Cut three lengths of 6mm dowel at 50mm long.

Part 9 – Assemble

Next, locate the dowel in one of the sides. Push a piece of dowel through the arm and bucket. We dry assembled the separate components before gluing to ensure everything will fit.

Part 10 – Disassemble and glue

Once you’re happy everything will fit, disassemble. Glue the dowels into place on one side. Next, slide the bucket and arm over one of the dowels closest to the base. Wrap an elastic band around the arm and bucket and loop around the top dowel. If you wish, you can wrap the elastic band around multiple times to adjust the power of the catapult.

Glue the other side panel on and clamp.

Once dry, remove the clamp and you’re ready to start launching!
Please refer to the side of glue bottle for drying times.


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