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What is Sauno?

Sauno is a range of wood kilns by Logosol that offer a time saving, cost-effective solution for hobby and professional woodworkers. Incorporating new Swedish technology, Sauno wood kilns now make wood drying achievable and affordable. Plus, not only does the Sauno wood kiln make drying wood possible for the smaller scale woodworker, it will produce better results!

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Do you need a wood kiln?

In most cases, air-drying the timber outdoors is the best method. For certain purposes, however, joinery-dry timber is required, and then you will need a wood drying kiln.

We recommend the Sauno wood drying kiln if you:

  • Want to avoid your finished products cracking or warping
  • Have the opportunity to get hold of unusual wood types that you want to use when doing woodwork
  • Are making doors, furniture or windows
Wood kiln with stacked timber

How the wood kiln works

A major problem when drying timber is the wood being unwilling to let go of the water it contains. Sauno overcomes this problem by using a method called relax drying.

Frequently used in large sawmills for their best timber, the relax drying method reduces the risk of cracking and other damages caused by accelerated drying. The wood kiln heats and steams the timber at high temperatures 70-75°C (158-167°F) changing the cell structure of the wood and making it possible for water to move outwards from inside the wood. The next step is to dehumidify the timber at 40-50°C (104-122°F).

Wood kiln in position

The result is timber that’s ‘furniture dry’ (6-10% moister level); the method releases any tension and leaves your timber straight and without any cracks. In addition, you can achieve all this in less time than other drying methods.

Top Tip!

The time can vary depending on what type of wood you use and the desired moisture content.

The range

The wood kiln kit is just the drying control unit, including a thermostat. You will need to construct an insulated kiln box yourself; two plans are included, one using an insulated wooden frame, the other using structural floor insulating panels. The DIY (Do It Yourself) solution, lowers your investment cost compared to other drying solutions.

Making the kiln box

Instructions are provided with the kiln for easy construction of the Kiln units utilising new insulation technologies readily available at local DIY stores. Watch the video below to see ours…

The drying unit is available in three sizes, 500 W (VT1), 2.0 kW (VT3) and 4.0 kW (VT5).

The VT1 will power a kiln of approximately 1.5m³ and is ideal for the small scale woodworker or woodturner.
The VT3 will power a kiln of up to 3.5m³ and is suitable for medium scale woodworker or woodturner.
The VT5 can be used in kilns up to 12m³ in volume and is suited to the larger scale woodworker or furniture maker.

Top Tip!

The units are scalable and you are able to use multiple units to suit the capacity of wood you’re drying.

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How to make a wood drying kiln

Here is Keith to show you how you can build your very own wood drying kiln.

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  1. I’ve heard people are quite happy with the Sauno kilns, but a word of caution if you plan to dry oak. You can’t dry green oak. The heating element and the fan (and perhaps other parts) will corrode due to the acids in freshly cut oak. I was told by a local dealer about a customer of theirs that tried it once, and that was enough. He never managed to get rid of the corrosion after that. The Sauno manual says you have to air dry oak for at least 6 months before drying it down to furniture grade WC.

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