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The Blind Woodturner demonstrating in a store near you

Chris Fisher lost his sight in 2008 but found his calling, and over the forthcoming months, he’ll be stopping at each Axminster store to demonstrate that anything is possible.

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FREE Woodturning demonstration brought to you by Axminster Tools and Machinery – We share your passion!

Come along and be inspired by Chris as he shares his passion for woodturning. See how he constantly challenges himself, exceeds all expectations and demonstrates how seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome through tenacity and self-belief.

The Blind Woodturner will be at a store near you on the following dates:

Tour route
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If you join the tour, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a photograph of you and The Blind Woodturner and tell us how the demonstration inspired you!

Alternatively, get in touch via our social media platforms. Send us a tweet or post to Instagram using #keeponturning. Don’t forget to tag @AxminsterTools and @blindwoodturner. Each store has its own Facebook page, click on your nearest here:

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