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In the mundane world of screwdriver bits, there’s very little that’s more annoying than when a new one is inserted into the drill only to find out very smartly, after driving a couple of screws, that the end looks completely mangled.  We rightly expect drill bits to perform well until they inevitably have to be discarded and our Trade Bitz are no exception, being made in the same high tech factory as other well known market leaders.

What makes Axminster Bitz trade rated?

Each bit is forged from S2 grade steel to improve the hardness and wear resistance while also reducing brittleness. Critically, the accuracy in the tips means they form a secure fit with the screws to prevent cam out and the screwheads getting stripped. Titanium Nitride Coating (TiN) is known for its extremely hard wearing properties – the TiN coating on our bit sets helps to retain the edge, prevents corrosion and significantly increases the lifetime of each bit.
Axminster Trade Bitz have an accurately machined, double recess and are now fully compatible with all makes of tool including those with the Festool Centrotec system, any quick release and standard, keyless drill chucks common on all power drills.

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Bit chart image Trade Bits Merge

The Universal Bit Holders (left) and the Long 82mm or 150mm Screwdriver Bits (right) are compatible with all makes of tool including Festool’s Centrotec system. One of the  advantages of the Trade Bitz is that it’s now a very quick process to change from one bit to another. Using the Centrotec system as an example, it’s the work of seconds to pull back the lime green collar, remove one bit, insert the next and then release the collar

Easy Identification

Axminster Trade Bitz are colour coded for ease of identification in a crowded toolbox. Three different sets of bits and tool holders can also be purchased, see below. Each set is housed in a robust, foam lined, steel container with a secure clip lid and makes a convenient way to store all your most used bits.

Axminster Trade Bitz Sets

Impact drivers are becoming increasingly popular and transmit a large amount of torque to the screw. This is beneficial, but can easily damage both the screwdriver bit as well as the screw head and it’s for this reason that torsion bits (Pozi PZ2 or Torx T20) are recommended as the reduced shank acts as a torsion zone to absorb peaks in torque.

TORX HEAD – Yellow

The parallel driving splines on a Torx bit are designed to apply far greater torque to a screw without slippage and thus are less prone to cam out. Power drills with an accurate clutch are strongly advised as the torque can be controlled precisely.  This is especially important  when the screw head enters the timber as it’s liable to disappear beneath the surface of the wood.


Phillips head bits are deliberately designed to cam out to prevent over-tightening and in the past were originally meant for automated, industrial applications. Once the applied torque reaches a certain limit, the bit is likely to slip and cam out.  While this may cause damage to the bit and screw head, it does prevent over torquing.


When used correctly under the right conditions, there is less chance of cam out as the flatter bottom and steeper sides of the bit allow greater torque to be applied. Note that Pozidriv screws can be turned by Phillips bits, but Pozidriv drivers won’t turn Phillips screws.


The original form of flat bit, which needs to be used with some care to prevent slippage in a powered screwdriver.  However, they can be used where a screw slot has been painted over as it’s far easier to clean out than a complicated recess. They can also be used with care on traditional slotted brass countersunk screws, which are still preferred by some users.

Trade Bits Packs

View the entire Axminster Trade Bitz range

The Axminster Tradesman’s Bag

Trade bits and some of the other assorted paraphernalia that a tradesman requires are usually quite small and have the potential to accumulate at an alarming rate! More often than not after use, there’s every chance that they may get tossed into the bottom of a toolbox. It’s for this reason that we’ve introduced the Tradesman’s Bag which is a secure, robust holdall with the capacity to contain a wide range tools and equipment, but it’s been specifically designed to offer secure storage to those items most commonly used on a day-to-day basis, namely a power drill, its charger, a battery, as well as  a very good selection of useful drill bits, drivers and other assorted hardware.  There’s probably also enough room inside to store any additional tools if needed as well as ample space for screws and other fixings. Provision has been made in the interior so that the contents can be organised in various pockets as well as two large exterior pouches. There’s also a 12-piece tool roll, various  elasticated straps and two zipped document pockets, one of which is a transparent wallet.

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The Tradesman’s Bag is available with 102 accessory bits

The bag is constructed around a rigid core which is covered by a heavy-duty, double stitched, nylon outer with a pair of zipped  covers which open to give uncluttered  access to the interior, so that the contents can be easily and quickly accessed.  A robust, chrome plated steel carrying tote with its rubber grip is provided in addition to a pair of strong ‘D’ rings, sewn and riveted onto the outside for a shoulder carrying strap. A very thick, corrugated rubber base has been permanently bonded to the underside of the bag to minimise everyday wear and tear.

  • Heavy duty, rigid construction
  • Reinforced stress points with heavy duty chrome steel-plated handle
  • Clip-on carrying strap
  • Maximum protection for tools
  • Interior pockets and pouches keep tools and bits well organised
  • Specific, secure pouch with Velcro straps for drill, battery and charger
  • 12-piece tool roll, which neatly wraps and clips together
  • Two zippered pockets, one of which is transparent
  • Weight – 3kg

Tradesman’s Bag Contents

The Axminster Tradesman’s Bag can be purchased as a stand alone or complete with a comprehensive set (102 items) of drills, bits, bit holders and cutters, all of which are double-grooved and so compatible with all makes of tools.  Using the supplied bits and accessories, there’s very little in the way of fixing and drilling that can’t be accomplished. Whether you choose the bag or the complete kit, you’ll be assured that all your tradesman’s requirements are contained securely in one compact holdall.

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