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Axminster quite rightly has a great reputation for all sorts of reasons, one of which is our enviable customer services record.  Order something online or over the phone and a customer can be reasonably assured that his or her purchases will be delivered within 48 hours or sometimes even the next day!

Life though, becomes a little more complex when something very large and very heavy needs to be delivered such as my new SBW3501H3 bandsaw, weighing in at a mere 145kg. Although many other suppliers of heavy equipment will deliver (which may or may not include an additional cost), they will usually make a kerb side drop-off, which is what happened with my old machine that I purchased some years ago.

Having been delighted at the time with the old bandsaw, I was somewhat dismayed with the lump of cast iron and steel that had been precariously dumped on my front lawn. Fortunately, a few of my woodworking pals were on hand and aided by copious quantities of tea and biscuits, we moved the machine into the workshop and got it assembled.

As a company, we at Axminster are unique as one of the services we offer is not only to deliver, free and gratis, a heavy piece of equipment but also to move it from the roadway or property access point straight into the workshop. The delivery is always preceded by a phone call from the Heavy Goods department to arrange a suitable slot, after which all I needed to do was to wait with eager anticipation for the lorry to arrive, which it did one sunny morning a few days later.

The machine was strapped securely in the rear of the vehicle…

…and was moved on its pallet into the workshop.

4. Bandsaw in the workshop, wrapped and on a pallet

It was the work of a few minutes for us to remove the coach screws bolting it to the pallet, slide it off and then into its final position.

5. In position and ready to be installed

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