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At the beginning of May, I was doing a bit of Axminster stuff on the computer when an email dropped in from my daughter Megan, who’s an archaeologist working in Carlisle. From time to time she has requested the odd project or three from the WoD (Workshop of Dad) and this was no exception, except that this one was a little off piste. Accompanying the email were several images of a very professional looking device made from stainless steel, cast aluminium and brass, with a hefty price tag of around £1500.

After some discussion it was agreed that, yes, the WoD would triumph again and so I made a useful looking replica out of mahogany, steel and some old gash pieces of Axminster T-track. I subsequently produced an article in which I invited you to guess exactly what it was used for and the correct name, with the prize being an Axminster £20 Gift Card. I deliberately included a pic of my daughter measuring shards of Roman pottery, which I hoped would give you some sort of a clue.

This was extremely mean of me because, in the best traditions of Agatha Christie, it was a red herring…the device in question has nothing to do with pots!

There were numerous entries, some of which were quite humorous, but the winner, drawn from an Axminster AFP 10 Evolution Powered Respirator was Graham Phipps and to find out what it’s called and what it’s used for, you’ll have to have to watch the video clip.

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