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With the festive spirit well under way and the great day almost upon us, it is perhaps the moment to reflect on some suitable gifts that could possibly find a niche under the tree or, at the very least, snuggle themselves into a small corner of Father Christmas’s sack.

Let us begin at the beginning. On the first day of Christmas, your true love might have decided to casually carouse through the website and may just have alighted on this Fisch HSS Professional Wood Twist Drill Bit Set. These are essential in any respectable workshop, but ideal at this time of year to construct the partridge’s nesting box which, naturally enough, will be affixed to the pear tree in the New Year.

On the second day of Christmas, your true love could have thought that a handy little something would be just the ticket to build a small aviary for that pair of ‘turtle doves’. The Axminster Workshop Combination Square will fit the bill admirably to measure and mark out all those tricky little dimensions.


On the third day of Christmas, it looks suspiciously like you’ll need a gift to cope with ‘three French hens’. Your true love in this instance will have undoubtedly plumped for the set of four Bench Blocks – very useful to sand the components of a soundproof chicken coop, especially if one of them is mistakenly a cockerel.

Still on an avian theme, the fourth day of Christmas might see you ‘up-scaling’ the coop to accommodate those ‘four calling birds’. What better tool could your true love give you than a Japanese Two Handed Saw Rasp which would be ideal for those fiddly, twirly finials that you could sculpt onto the eves?

The fifth day of Christmas is easy; ’five gold rings’ and who doesn’t like a bit of seasonal bling? The perfect gift from your true love in this instance would be a set of Precision Squares which would be ideal to mark out the timber for a bespoke box, but probably better to keep this one under wraps if her old jewellery box is past its sell-by date or you’ll have one more item added to the ‘honey could you do’ list.


Back to birds, geese to be precise and all of them laying, but I’d wager on the sixth day of Christmas they won’t be golden eggs. Let’s depart for a moment from the seriousness of this topic and suppose that they were…what would your true love give you then? You’d be well advised to seek the sanctuary of the workshop to try and concoct some sort of container, complete with a state-of-the-art electronic security system. Definitely a need here for the Wiha Super 7 VDE Tool Set.

On the seventh day of Christmas, your true love is going to slide a seasonally wrapped Planer Blade Setting Jig under the tree as you’ve now woken up, bleary eyed, to find ‘seven swans-a-swimming’ in your garden pond. Naturally enough, a load of hungry swans will soon empty your pond of the flora and fauna, so this precision jig would be ideal for setting up the planer thicknesser for your next Saturday morning project…a small boat so that you could try and catch them.

On the eighth day of Christmas, you could well find yourself in close proximity to ‘eight maids-a-milking’ and, as everyone knows, all milkmaids need a milking stool. A wonderful tool for your true love to give you would be a Japanese Hassunme Crosscut Saw which would ensure that all the milk stool legs are cut identically.


The ninth day of Christmas could well be a highlight of this whole Yuletide tale as, for some inexplicable reason, ‘nine ladies dancing’ have suddenly appeared around the breakfast table. Strictly speaking, there’s bound to be a disturbance to the Christmas karma, so in order to rest your eyes away from the feast of delights in front of your boiled egg, your true love will have given you a Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane. I’ve had mine for some years now and it’s my first ‘go to’ plane for most applications. That said, there are a ‘few’ more under the bench…

The tenth day of Christmas is another easy one: ‘ten lords-a-leaping’ and who wouldn’t be jumping for joy if their true love had bought them a set of Crown Butt Chisels? If your true love has given you a set of these chisels, you’ll be leaping and bounding like a lord into the workshop to try them out!

Reasonably enough, on the eleventh day of Christmas, you’ve probably been suffering from an excess of Yuletide cheer and will by now have woken up to find ‘eleven pipers piping’ outside your bedroom window. It might be worth persuading your true love to give you three sets of Winbag Air Wedges and substitute their pipes for an inflated bag. Then let them down verrrry slowly, one at a time and retreat back indoors for another mince pie.


Finally, we come to the twelfth day of Christmas and to add to the racket of the eleven pipers piping, you’ve now got ‘twelve drummers drumming’ outside your front door. The only tool remotely worth considering for your true love to give you would be a Veritas Low Angle Block Plane with which you could quite cheerfully turn their drumsticks into a pile of ethereal shavings.

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